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New for 2024 - Craft Courses


I have decided to go back to basics and start Craft Courses in Weston On Trent.

I worked for St Helens MBC in 1980's and taught dressmaking classes.  In one of my classes taught three ladies who had sight impairments (plus their guide dogs)!


I also run a craft group in Melbourne, which is entering it's 16th year!  This group has grown from beginners and we have a wealth of knowledge between us.

My short courses run over a six week period, on Monday afternoons. 

They are called Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter/Christmas - each season will have items relating to them.  This is a beginners course, but everyone is welcome who would like to learn something new and meet new people.

Course Details - All That Fabric!


Monday March 11th - 1:30 pm - 3 :30 pm 

The course in run for 3 weeks, 1 week off, 3 weeks

£36.00 for the six weeks 

(Summer) TBA

(Autumn) TBA

(Winter/Christmas) TBA

The course will be held at:

Weston On Trent Village Hall

47 Main Street 

DE72 2BL

for details call me on: 07929205242

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