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                                                              My Background .....

I am very lucky to belong to a family who have been blessed with the gift of creation.  My mum taught me to dressmake when I was about 10 years old and I discovered my love of fabric.  

I worked for St Helens Council for 2 years, teaching dressmaking and had a class which included three ladies with sight imperment.  

I moved to the East Midlands and in 2008 started a craft group with one of my friends (we both belonged to the WI and loved crafting).  The group grew and is still going today, but we have moved away from the WI and changed the group into Church Street Quilters. 


I attended lots of different courses trying out different types of crafts and decided I would like to have some formal quailfications. I I I went back to college part-time to study for the City & Guilds Levels 1 and 2 in Textiles and Free Motion Machine Embroidery.  I received 'Distrinctions' in both levels and this built my confidence as I had always thought I wasn't good enough.

During lockdown I have attened online courses to further enhance my knowledge.  In September this year I will be going back to college to study for more City & Guilds units.

I have been thinking about starting my own craft business and I make lots of crafty items for family and friends.  I started last year making Personalized Christmas Owls and they were a success.  After attending a course using water colour pencils and realizing I could combine this with free motion machine embroidery and hand embroidery I could work on a new project.

I started to create my little pictures in the begining of May 2021 and now sell through this site and I attend Craft Fairs.

Sue x

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