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The dates are out for my 2024 Craft Fairs.

I am attending some new fairs this year and have been invited to Staunton Harold Artisan fair!  I am really excited at attending this fair as they only invite Artisan Artist!! Please see front page for details.


I am also starting beginners craft courses.  These are short courses called 'All that fabric' and will introduce all different types of crafts using fabric (plus a few using other materials). 


The lessons are two hours per week, on Monday afternoons over six weeks and will be base in Weston On Trent Village Hall, starting on 11th March.  This is the Spring session and items relating to Spring will be included.

If you haven't already contact me to book a space as I am nearly full!



Hilton Craft Fair - 18th February 11am - 1pm

Wonderful venue and lots of stalls! Unfortunately, not many visitors!

I don't think the organisers are doing enough advertising, as this is the second Fair l have attended with this company, but both times lots of people didn't know about it!! Very disappointed 😞

After speaking to my fellow stall holders they all felt the same way. Also, not allowed to set up until 30 minutes before and only open for two hours. I think this company may run onto trouble unless they listen to their traders.

Oh well, never mind l will look forward to Afternoon Tea at Aston on 14th March. I know this one been advertised!!

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