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Time is flying by .......

Can you believe we are in May already!!

I have been working on my website to make it more user friendly and up-to-date. Now you can click on each section and see whatever I have in stock or place an order for something new.

My fairs have been going very well, I have met up with lots of stall holders from past venues and met new ones. Everyone in the 'stall holder' world is really friendly and we help each other as much as we can. Everyone passes on lots of information about dates, venues and how the advertising is done.

Advertising is really important, it is the make or break of any fair. Some of the new organizers are only advertising on Facebook, which is unacceptable as how many of the general public are on that particular site? This means that unless somebody happens to be walking past they wouldn't know anything was happening. I have been caught out 3 times this year and in future I am only booking with companies who put the effort into the advertising side - I expect to see posters through out the area where the fair is happening, not only on the day, but at least a week before. Adverts in local papers and notices etc.

Don't get caught out!!!

Have a wonderful Coronation Weekend everyone and God Bless the King !

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