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My First Craft Fair

Here we go:

The Craft Fair was held at the White Hart pub carpark in Aston On Trent

on 19th June 2021. Click here for details.

How exciting and nerve racking all at the same time….

As lockdown is hopefully coming to an end, the White Hart in Aston On Trent decided to hold a small craft fair. They put a note out for small local makers to show their wares to see what happened! I was lucky enough to get one of the few tables and the best bit was it was free (as this was a trial run) which was great as I didn’t know if my little pictures would sell! (here we go doubting myself again)

As I only had a week to prepare (and I was away visiting family for three days) I suddenly went into panic mode – What do I do? What do I need? HELP!!

Luckily enough common sense prevailed and I thought “do the list thing!”.

Out came my trusty little note pad and I started to make two lists – What do I have to take? and What do I need?

I had twelve little pictures to take along, but they all needed framing and some of the little covered books I had made. I also decided to take one of my Christmas Tree Mice and a Christmas Table decoration – yes I know it is June, but they are just putting idea’s in people’s minds. I also asked my step-daughter Tracey if she would like to sell any of the goodies she makes. – great sorted!

Now what do I need? Where do I start? Well the picture frames for a start, then business cards, bags, table covering, etc. not forgetting one of those payment things! All this took time but I eventually got there. One of the fun parts was creating business cards and a logo – there are so many designs to choose from!

I didn’t sleep on the Friday night, my mind was buzzing and my anxiety went through the roof. Saturday morning I felt nervous and excited all at the same time. I kept looking at the clock!

Joe (husband) came along with me to set up my stall and while he was moving the car, one of the other stall holders came and bought a picture!!

That boosted my confidence and I felt really good. The sky was really overcast and we all kept our fingers crossed that the rain would keep off! People had a quick peep at my stall, but when I told them they are not painted pictures but they have been sewn on a sewing machine and hand embroidered, people came closer and gave me some wonderful compliments, quite a few people took one of my cards and I managed to sell three of my little books and a total of five of my little pictures! (Not bad in four hours)

What a wonderful day, it was lovely to see people’s faces when they realized that my pictures were sewn and not painted. At the end of the day the organizers asked if I had enjoyed the experience and would I like to come to the next one in July?

Yes of course – now I have to get back to creating some more little pictures.

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