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Once my little pictures are sold that is it!! Although I keep a picture of each one, they are quite small and you cannot see all the details of the stitches. I recently met a guy at one of the fairs and he said I should have prints taken of my work! He suggested that I visit his workshop and see what he could produce for me.

So I took the plunge and took a visit to his studio. He explained how it all worked and made a print of one of my little pictures. The quality was amazing! It is rather a long process as the embroidery has to be photographed, then he messes about with them on the computer to get the best look. Once I have agreed to the final picture they are ready for printing.

His studio is quite away from where I live and it is quite expensive to get the pictures ready for printing! Not forgetting the actual cost of the printing card and inks! But, I think they are worth every penny. You can now own one of my little pictures as a print and they make ideal gifts for loved ones.

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