January 2022

So I have developed a chest infection and I am laid up from work and trying to take it easy with my steroids and anti-biotics. Unfortunately, the anti-biotics are now working as they have given me such terrible heartburn so the doctor has advised me to stop taking them! I don't feel brilliant but lets see how a few more days at home in the warm will help.

I have been doing a bit of work each day and managed to create another five little pictures. I am trying to get my stock level higher as I have two Craft Fairs in February and I also need some for putting into the new shop in Castle Donnington at the end of February.

I am trying to think of new ideas for my little pictures. My inspiration comes from various places and one of my friends Nessa took a picture of the sunset a few nights ago and said I could use her picture as inspiration. Using pictures and ideas from the local area is lovely, especially when people actually recognise where my little picture is!! One couple bought one of my pictures of a poppy field as it was the view out of their back window in Aston.

Another one of my friends asked if I would use one of her photographs of Brighton Beach. It was at sunset and the beach was full of people. I took the picture and put my own spin on it creating her a unique picture. Her dog was very ill at the time so I added a dog running along the sea shore. A few days later her dog passed away so she was so happy that I had included Treacle on the photo as she said that is exactly what she would do - run up and down the shore line.

If there is a view you have seen that you would like me to create into stitches please send me a copy and I will see what I can do.

Here is Brighton Beach ....

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