Bosworth Battle Field Spring Fair (3rd April 2022)

A different place for me today - Bosworth Battle Field held their first Spring Fair.

Over 20 stalls both inside and outside, selling all sorts of goodies. I met up with a few stall holders who I had met a few weeks ago at Beaumanor, it is lovely to meet up with fellow stall holder and see how they are getting along.

It was really cold, a few flakes of snow and in the afternoon the wind blew the stall based next to mine over!!! People all went over to help and within 10 minutes the stall was up and running again. I tried out my new gazebo and I had brought some sandbags with me to wrap around the legs of the gazebo, I was really pleased I took them as the wind was rather naughty. Luckily for me my gazebo was nice and warm and I met some lovely people and managed to sell some of my goodies.

They are holding another fair near to Christmas - so catch me there - with the Owls and Reindeer!

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